About Us

La Ballerina is in the very heart of Covent Garden right next door to the Royal Opera House just 2 minutes walk from the Covent Garden Underground station just off the small roundabout with Long Acre. This fantastic traditional Italian restaurant will server you all of the classic dishes prepared in a customary way at easy sensible prices that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

Founded in 1999 La Ballerina has traded in its present style with the fine reputation that brings its loving customers time and time again to a place where local people are determined to retain their community values and sense of history.

La Ballerina is always very proud to welcome people from across the globe with bidding smiles for all and a love of Opera is not compulsory.

Though, with our endearing respect for all Opera lovers we offer special menus – starters before, mains in the interval, and delicious deserts with coffee after. You just have to ask and your favourite table will be reserved for you at these special times.

But please do not stop here, we embrace the family too, whether it is the Lion King, Mama Mia or the War Horse for you, our gentle service and cuisine will relax your thoughts through.

The hard facts:

We do our Monday to Saturday set “Ballerina Menu” which varies in choice each day for £13.95 with a little family fun on Sundays with children’s menus.

We do our special set “Ballerina Theater Menu” which varies in choice every day for £13.95

Or, You can choose for yourself and go “al-a-carte” with a great selection of meat and fish dishes and a lovely variety of vegetarian choice.

But then there are our home made pizzas, wheat or gluten free, with toppings you can just choose two, three, four, or more as you may simply desire.

The Ballerina Party Room – Available for all special occasions for up to 25 people.